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Ordering Team Photos

If you would like to order photos of your athlete, please download the form below, to begin the process.

  1. Download the order form pictured below
  2. Fill out the player's information
  3. Fill out your name and contact info
  4. Select your desired package
  5. Select your payment type (see details)
  6. The form must be emailed back in on picture day, along with Venmo payment
  • Venmo @Mary-Flores-5251  
  •  4-digit phone number for Venmo is 0800
  • Please be sure to include your player's name in the Venmo memo.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team photographer.

Hernan Flores
Mobile: 512-590-9210

   Order Forms due by August 10th, 2023.   

   Order Forms due by August 10th, 2023.